Green Company - Gul Ahmed

Green Company

Gul Ahmed has a vision of becoming a green company that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. In its efforts towards sustaining the environment for the generations to come, Gul Ahmed is committed towards adopting the best practices necessary to ensure a greener society. Some of the key projects undertaken as part of the scheme are:


Liquid Effluent

  • Effluent Treatment Plant Installed in May 2007
  • Treated 1 million gallons per day of waste water within NEQS limits
  • On-going projects to recycle waste water

Gaseous Emissions

  • Cycle gas turbine, installed in December 2006, generates 10 MW electricity
  • Exhaust flue gases fed to HRSG to generate steam, installed in May 2007
  • First combined cycle power plant in textile industry
  • Reduced heat content of flue gases going into the atmosphere

Solid Waste

  • Mills generate non-hazardous waste only