Capturing the imagination of the audience requires having a creative approach coupled with a thoughtful insight. Having an eye for detail and paying attention to the varied tastes are absolute essentials towards creating appealing designs.

With this in mind, Gul Ahmed’s design studios are staffed with experienced artists who have the capability to conceive the most creative concepts in design. Artists adapt different colorways to meet the specifications of each individual country. European and US designers working for the company continuously develop new designs for specific geographical areas. The designing team visits major international exhibitions throughout the year to stay up-to-date with the current market trends. The use of the latest CAD/CAM systems and the most sophisticated laser and wax jet engraving technologies are examples of the company’s dedication to computerization in all aspects of design detail and reproduction.

Product Development

Innovation is the key to product development. New and experimental techniques are devised and perfected in Gul Ahmed’s product development. Staff and personnel visit international exhibitions to keep abreast of stitching styles and fabric textures. The knowledge of these creative concepts is utilized in creating various product lines with the help of latest styles and color schemes. In addition, the the existing product lines are continuously improved to enhance the value and performance of the end product.