A top quality product requires all the different processes to synergise in a perfect manner, creating something unique as a result. This philosophy is truly reflected in the processing stage at Gul Ahmed, one of the pioneers in fabric printing and dyeing. With the latest, cutting-edge machines and equipment in use, the skilled professionals strive forward on their journey to be the best.

Gul Ahmed considers quality as its key differentiator and there is a comprehensive and effective quality control & assurance system to ensure process optimization in order to obtain output efficiently and effectively. From pre-treatment to finishing, the entire process is aimed at adding value and creating a product that is tailored to meet customer needs.

Machinery Overview

Pre Treatment

  • Osthof (Germany)
  • Menzil (Germany)
  • Goller (Germany)
  • Kuster (Germany)


  • Monforts (Germany))
  • Goller (Germany)
  • Benninger (Switzerland)
  • Kuster (Germany)


  • Stork (Holland)
  • Reggiani (Italy)
  • Ichinose (Japan)


  • Monforts (Germany)
  • Arioli Tung Yung (Italy)
  • Krantz (Taiwan)
  • Ramesh (Germany)